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TECHiMPACT's SPAM Filtering & Firewall Solution

SPAM is not only a nuisance but is a security risk. Not only can SPAM infect your PC with viruses but can also infect you with spyware that can report on the web sites you visit and even log your keystrokes potentially stealing your bank account information or passwords. It can also turn the PCs in your organization into SPAM zombies with which the attacker will use to send out more SPAM. That's right; your own PC could be SPAMMING other people without you evening knowing about it.

TECHiMPACT can help you take back control of your network and PCs. TECHiMPACT can install a SPAM, spyware, virus, phishing, web filter, and much more. Our filtering solution can replace your existing firewall or work with it.

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